The Agenda and How Sessions Work


(Keep scrolling down to get to “The Wall” which explains how YOU add to the agenda.)

Friday – March 17th

6:00pm  – Movie Screening: “Jackson” This is in partnership with NOAF (Jackson is an intimate, unprecedented look at the lives of three women caught up in the complex issues surrounding abortion access. Set against the backdrop of the fight to close the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, Jackson captures the essential and hard truth of the lives at the center of the debate over reproductive healthcare in America.) Location TBA

Saturday – March 18th

9:00-10:00am – Registration, Coffee, and Conversation

10:00-10:30am – Opening Session

10:30-11:00am – Building The Wall for Day 1 (aka The Agenda)

11:00-11:55pm – Session 1  (Session 1 time block includes specific “Seed Sessions.”  The rest of the time blocks are decided by attendees when we Build the Wall after Opening Session.) More details about each Seed Session is forthcoming.

  • Seed Session A – Cooperative Economics: For the People, By the People
  • Seed Session B – Beyond the Women’s March (This session will be lead by Women’s Rights advocate Camille Moran; Shanta Proctor, Director of Governor’s Office of Women’s Policy; AAUW and other women’s organizations. Features include: Rep. Moreno’s Ignite Campaign, the “A Day Without Women” protest, a wrap up of International Women’s Day activities, and presentations and a brainstorming session on other ways we can take the momentum from the Women’s Marches to the next level.)
  • Seed Session C – Community Schools: A Model for Transforming Struggling Schools (This session is spearheaded by Karran Harper Royal of LAROS, LA Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools)
  • Seed Session D – Killing the Black Snake: Dakota Access, Bayou Bridge, and Building a Culture of Resistance (Water protectors have been engaged in a battle for land sovereignty and environmental protection for months in North Dakota.  Now, the fight comes home to our backyard. This session lead by No New Leases.)

12:00-1:15pm – LUNCH PANEL: “What Would the Repeal of Obamacare Mean for Louisiana Citizens? “ (This panel will focus on the impact of proposed repeal efforts, and what we can do to push back and continue to save lives with continued healthcare coverage.)

  • Panel Moderator – Alicia Cooke
  • Panelists:
    • Moriba Karamoko – Louisiana Consumer Healthcare Coalition, confirmed
    • Jan Moeller – Louisiana Budget Project, confirmed
    • Carolyn Sawyer – State Lead for Organizing for America, confirmed

1:30-1:55pm – Session 2  (1/2 block sessions, please pay attention… this is a 30 minute block not a full hour block – smile)

2:00-2:55pm – Session 3

3:00-3:55pm – Session 4

4:00-4:55pm – Session 5

RootsCampLA After Dark…

5:00- 7:00pm – Socializing for Solidarity Happy Hour – Drink libations with the RootsCampLA family. Location TBA.

7:00-Until – Art IS Activism Open Mic – Spit your truth on the mic.  Location TBA.

Sunday – March 19th

10:00-10:30am – Building The Wall for Day 2

10:30-11:00am Session 1  (1/2 block sessions, please pay attention… this is a 30 minute block not a full hour block – smile)

11:00-11:55pm – Session 2  

12:00-1:25pm – LUNCH PANEL: “Mass Incarceration: Because We’re the Incarceration Capitol of the World”

  • Panel Moderator – Christopher Waters, 360 Collective
  • Panelists:
    • John Burkhart, Southern Poverty Law Center, confirmed
    • Checo Yancy, VOTE (Voice of the Ex-Offender), confirmed
    • Cammie Maturin, HOPE Foundation, confirmed

1:30-2:00pm – Closing Session: Solidarity Requires Action (Being strategic about next steps together)

The Wall:  How Sessions Work 

Everyone is encouraged to come prepared to post a session on “The Wall.”  Those who aren’t presenting are free to move to any session, and are encouraged to move around if they’d like during sessions (because sometimes more than one awesome thing is happening at the same time).  The principle is to vote with your feet!

First, about Seed Sessions:  Seed sessions are pre-planned by the event organizers – think of them by their name “seed” sessions.  The event organizer is planting a few seed sessions, and the nourishment your energy brings to the event makes the roots grow for the remaining sessions.

So, how do the remaining sessions get created?  Read more below:

Creating Sessions

As a participant, you have great experiences to share – Standing up for Your Children’s Rights at School; Using Votebuilder to target constituents; Fighting Against Police Brutality; Messaging and Communications; Building an Activist Base; Organizing Your Neighborhood – etc.  Others need your knowledge and you also need their knowledge.

So, ask yourself:

  • “What skills should I share?”
  • “How do I do/ build/ create…?”
  • “What experiences have I had that others may have had and want to discuss and learn from?”
  • “What issue do I work with or group am I a part of that needs to caucus? Youth? Asian?  Clean Energy? Housing? African-American?”
  • “How can it fit into the agenda?”
  • “How did that campaign work? How do we do it again (or never again)?
  • I have an idea about…
  • Let’s chat about…

After you think about it, and maybe think about it some more, come to RootsCampLA and do these three simple steps:

Step 1:
Gather together.
Step 2:
Build “The Wall” by putting your idea, workshop, or discussion in one of the time and space slots.

Step 3:
Break out!  Pick your first workshop — or go to the room assigned for the session you are facilitating — and let the conversation begin.
One more wall shot!

Yes.  It’s that simple.

Never experienced anything quite like it?  That’s why you don’t want to miss it 🙂

A special Louisiana thank you to Massachusetts’ RootsCamp for some of the illustrations on “How Sessions Work”