March 26-27th

11th Annual RootsCampLA 2021

Theme: We are the Change

BROUGHT TO LOUISIANA BY  Solidarity Project Advocacy Network

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RootsCampLA is the convening of over 150 forward thinking activists across the state of Louisiana.  Whether your issue is redistricting, #BlackLivesMatter, voter suppression, maintaining democratic control of schools, labor rights, voting rights, women’s rights, racial equality, LGBTQIA, disability rights, healthcare, or housing – you name it, if it’s about a more equitable and inclusive society; then RootsCampLA is where you need to be.

The idea is to bring together activists of all stripes and have an honest exchange of ideas and sharing of skills. When we learn from one another, we take away new ideas, make new connections, and strengthen our work.

This isn’t your everyday gathering; it’s an “unconference.”  Instead of only offering our own pre-set PowerPoints and “expert” panels, participants like you design most of the sessions and help develop the program. This doesn’t mean “experts” aren’t in the room. They are,  and it’s you.

 This year’s theme: “We are The Change”

We encourage activists to attend and share their knowledge on the following issues and more:

  • Redistricting
  • COVID-19
  • Police Reform
  • Living Wage
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Women’s Rights
  • LGBTQIA issues
  • Mental Health
  • Environment
  • Latinx
  • Immigrant Rights

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